Would you love to see yourself making music in a band? Playing gigs recording, and working with other like-minded people on great songs? Of course you would!


Pro Line Music has had Rockers program for years…but this year we are upping our game and taking aim at School Of Rock’s program by offering one of our own that exceeds theirs, with more to offer….for $100's less! 

 We do Rock n Roll programs as well as Jazz, Funk and Classical.........

We offer the same amount of rehearsal time with a qualified professional teacher. With School of Rock, you get one performance at their school after rehearsals…we have much more fun in store for you! You will not only perform publicly after rehearsals in a real nightclub* for your family and friends, then you’ll be recording a CD with your group at a real recording studio! One of New Jersey’s hottest studios. All that and savings too!